(550 lbf or 2.5KN Capacity)

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The LS2.5 testing machine is an affordable and easy-to-use system. It is particularly suited for plastic, rubber and other high elongation materials due to its wide crosshead travel capability and high speed. This material tester uses high accuracy interchangeable YLC Series loadcells for tension, compression and cycling through zero force measurements.


With this material tester you can perform several different types of tests, among others:


  • Pharma testing
  • Cosmetic testing
  • Electronic testing
  • Rubber testing
  • Wood testing
  • Automotive testing
  • Construction materials testing
  • Packaging testing


The LS2.5 material tester features an integral control console with membrance multi-function keypad and an easy-to-read backlit LCD to display load and extension information. The control console displays prompts and menus, which guide the user through machine operations.

Key features of the LS2.5 Material Tester


  • Simple to set up, operate and maintain
  • Load measuring system exceeds the requirements of all recognized international standards
  • Uses high accuracy interchangeable YLC load cells (±0.5% from 1% to 100% of load cell value)
  • Crosshead travel 1400 mm (55 in)
  • Speed range 0.01 - 2032 mm/min (0.0004 to 80 in/min)
  • Load rate control
  • Data sampling rate 8 kHz
  • Saves up to 600 test results
  • 10 programable test set-ups
  • High-resolution backlit LCD display with intuitive operator interface
  • Multilingual and multi-unit display options as standard
  • Flash memory upgradeable
  • Full PC integration with NEXYGENPlus materials test and data analysis software

The LS2.5 Material Tester System contain


LS2.5 material testing machine

Jig, probe or fixture that matches your specific need

Optional NEXYGENPlus software with an extensive library of pre-defined  test set-ups based on international standards

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