MT150 Manual Force Tester

(150 lbf / 660 N)

Spec Sheet




AMETEK supplies a variety of cables for interfacing with Chatillon® force gauges, force testers, printers and personal computers.


Digital force gauges have a Hirose 12 connector. LTCM Series force testers have a 9-pin D-style connector.


Cable pinouts are available in the downloads section under Dimension drawings.

Features & Benefits


  • Tensile, Compression, Peel & Flexural Testing
  • Optional Column Heights
    • 750mm Standard
    • 1000mm Extended
    • 1500mm Ultra
  • 6-inch Stroke
    • Longer Strokes Available as Special Order
  • Compact, Lightweight, Benchtop Design
    • Table & Wall Mount Options
  • Compact, Lightweight, Benchtop Design
  • Table & Wall Mount Options
  • Simple Operation
    • Lever Actuation
    • Handwheel Actuation
  • Mounts to Chatillon DF Series Force Gauges
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • With the MT150 wall mount option, the stand can be used with a DFX II to check the force necessary to depress a button on a cellular phone
  • Mount the MT150 horizontally and attach a Chatillon LG mechanical gauge to perform low range pull tests at the end of a production line where caps are places on spray bottles
  • Use the MT150 with an LG mechanical gauge to test the force to fold a cardboard container into proper shape

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