TT Series

(500 lbf / 2.5 kN)

Spec Sheet




The CHATILLON® TT Series is a pneumatically-operated tester for measuring breaking strength of electrical leads, terminals, connectors, wire wraps, etc. It is ideal for areas where intrinsic safety is required (when used with a mechanical gauge).


The TT Series Tester operates using clean, dry air with a maximum air pressure up to 160 psig (11.2 bar). The TT Tester meets MIL-T-7928 (ASG) requirements for crimped, solderless lugs. The tester may be used for tensile or compression testing. The rapid test speed makes it ideal for production line testing, incoming inspection testing or for the R&D laboratory. The TT Tester features a 6-inch (15 cm) test stroke. Ram speed may be controlled as low as 0.1-inch (2.5 mm) per minute.


The TT Tester is available in two models: one with a foot-actuated switch; the other with a hand-actuated switch.

Features & Benefits


  • TensileSimple to Operate
  • Meets MIL-T-7928 (ASG) Requirements
  • 6-inch Stroke
  • Precise Ram Speed Control to 0.1 in/min
  • Independent Return Speed
  • Automatic Retracting Jaws
  • Mounts to Chatillon DF Series Force Gauges
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • The TT tester affords the operator the ease of using a pneumatic motor to apply the force to a DG mechanical gauge and sample such as in repeated tests of wiring harnesses


  • The TT is designed to be useful in performing tests with a mechanical gauge and not introducing a spark into a safety area


  • The DFX II may be used with the TT tester to perform a check of the connectors on wiring to ensure that they are within specification for use in other products.

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