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I hope your experience with exploring materials testing will bring to you the same excitement and passion it has giving me over the years.  My experience with materials testing started many years ago as a college student.  I was already working with Chatillon brand force measurement equipment when I was introduced to Lloyds materials testing.  I was enthralled by the sophistication of these systems, even back then!  It's even better now!

I found out how much of everything around us is tested for physical properties.  Just look around any room. It would be hard to find something that is not tested by shear force, most often to a breaking point.  Some testing is just to a limit, such as compressing a bit of foam or testing a spring.  Even tooth paste is tested.  Paint, nails, wood, fabric, glass, metals, light bulb filaments, food we eat, even components of our bodies (heart valves, skin, tendons and so on).  This is one aspect that drew me in... just the vast number of things that need to be tested.

Now, as Distributor of AMETEK Chatillon & Lloyd Instruments, we can help your company with all kinds of force testing equipment.  We have advanced systems with high tech capability and low cost solutions for the budget minded.  If your application is for Production, Research or Quality testing, we are likely to have equipment to suit the need.

Please have a look at the links in this web site and also our fixtures web site (TesterGrips.com).  We look forward to hearing from you regarding force measurement and materials testing.   

Thanks for considering our products and services...

Bill Turner

W. D. Turner Company, Inc.

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