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8 x 0.002
250 x 0.05
0.5 x 0.0001
0.25 x 0.0001
2.5 x 0.0005
32 x 0.005
1000 x 0.1
2 x 000.2
1 x 0.0001
10 x 0.001
72 x 0.01
2000 x 0.2
4.5 x 0.0005
2 x 0.0002
20 x 0.002
160 x0.02
5000 x 0.5
10 x 0.001
5 x 0.0005
50 x 0.005
320 x 0.05
10,000 x 1
20 x 0.002
10 x 0.001
100 x 0.01
800 x 0.1
25,000 x 2
50 x 0.005
25 x 0.002
250 x 0.02
1600 x 0.2
50,000 x 5
100 x 0.01
50 x 0.005
500 x 0.05
3200 x 0.5
100,000 x 10
200 x 0.02
100 x 0.01
1000 x 0.1
8000 x 1
250,000 x 20
500 x0.05
250 x 0.02
2500 x 0.2
16000 x 2
500,000 x 50
1000 x 0.1
500 x 0.05
5000 x 0.5
The rear of the crosshead is attached to a vertical linear rail assembly that accurately defines
the crosshead alignment. This system ensures minimal sideways movement of the crosshead
together with minimal vertical "rocking" of the crosshead under all loading conditions.

CS machines are bench mounted, microprocessor controlled, single column loading
frames. The high stiffness frame incorporates a crosshead guidance system to prevent side
loading of the sample under test. The crosshead is driven by single leadscrew, motor and DC
pulse width modulated system to achieve a wide speed range over the full load range.
These machines are capable of running full load at full speed

The Dell Tablet Keyboard folds conveniently to the back, allowing access of the touch screen surface for operation.  The tablet can also be used in conventional fashion by not using the mounting bracket but placing the Tablet next to the machine.
Speed Range
Maximum Travel
Maximum Force
0.01-1270 mm/min (0.001-50 in/min)
500mm (19.7 in)
1000N (225 lbf)
0.01-1016 mm/min (0.001-40 in/min)
800 mm (31.5 in)
5000N (1124 lbf)
Load cells are easily changed for light duty testing.  Electronics in the load cell connectors retain the Load Cell information (size, calibration points & serial number) along with history of overloads.  To change, turn off power to the machine. Next, simply disconnect the Load Cell's electrical connection  and loosen a single bolt to remove.  Install another load cell in it's place (electrical connector and bolt connection is the same for all load cells). 

Load cells for lower range testing are recommended according to need.  The following table shows available load cell sizes for the CS series machines.  Note, we recommend keeping back up load cells in case one is accidently damaged or overloaded.

The CS machine is ideal for limited budgets where materials testing is still required, especially in production testing.  The machine comes equipped with a Dell Tablet loaded with Windows 10 Professional.  The software is already loaded on the tablet.

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Use the Dell Tablet as a Console
on the Machine Column...
Or flip open to access a keyboard
(set on table next to machine).
The touch screen can also be used.
CS2 Software is also included!

The Dell Tablet is preloaded with Windows 10 Pro!
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Open CS2 Manual
See CS2 Video "How It's Made"
See Video "Introduction of CS2"
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