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High Performance LD Series
Incredible Motion Control
Up to 150 kN

LS Series Machines
High Speed, Low Cost
Up to 5 kN

CS2 Machines include Dell Tablet & Software!
*Digital Force Gauges,
Motorized Stands & Software

Low Cost
CS2 Machine
with Dell Tablet

CS2 Dell Tablet with
keyboard on back
(Touch Screen or Keyboard)

Bright Vibrant Display
Use pictures as buttons
to easily identify favorite tests!

& Digital Force Gauge
  To 500 Pounds Force

& Digital Force Gauge
  To 100 Pounds Force

DG Mechanical
Force Gauge
  To 500 Pounds Force

LG Mechanical
Force Gauge
  To 100 Pounds Force

MT Mechanical Stand
With Lever Control
  To 500 Pounds Force

MT Parts Diagram
With Wheel Control
  To 500 Pounds Force

  OEM Sales & Services (Warranty & Non-Warranty)
Factory Trained, Authorized and Experienced
   Since 1997 - Expert support you can depend on! 
Electronic Locking
Safety Shields Available
* The DFS-2 Series Gauge can also test Torque
Click here (see page 44) or Click here for Video Example
Materials Testing & Force Measurement Products

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LS Series TA1
Food Testing
Includes Splash Pan

LS Series FT1
Friction Testing
Includes Table & Sled

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   Materials Testing Sales & Services
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