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Compression Platens

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The LD machine is the newest addition to the Lloyd Instruments Materials Testing lineup. Coupled with Nexygen Plus software, the LD system is useful for testing materials (or components) in Production, QC or Research Laboratories. The machine was designed for excellent motion control. The high stiffness, dual-column frame with anti-backlash ball screws insures accurate measurement of force & displacement.  Preconfigured tests include, pull to break, pull to limit, compress to rupture, compress to limit, peeling, friction and testing related to stress strain relationships (modulus, yield, etc.). Many additional tests can be created quickly and saved for re-use.  The software is comprehensive, powerful and very easy to use.  A standards library of tests is also included.

Please contact our office to explore the many details of Nexygen Plus and how it is used with the LD machine.  Learn how automation can be used for control of tests and management of data.  We are here to help with OEM Sales & Services.

LD Operator's Manual (Click Here)

LD Machine Special Feature
"POGO" Configuration for Large Samples
Available with Slotted Plate Bottom Deck
Tension & Compression Testing for Large Samples!
Drawer in Base for Storage
Speed Range
* Extended Option
** Pogo Option
Maximum Force
0.0001 to 1270 mm / min /
0.000004 to 50 in /min
5 kN / 1,124 lbf
0.0001 to 1270 mm / min /
0.000004 to 50 in /min
10 kN / 2,248 lbf
0.0001 to 1000 mm / min /
0.000004 to 40 in /min
30 kN / 6,744 lbf
0.0001 to 500 mm / min /
0.000004 to 20 in /min
50 kN / 11,240 lbf
0.0001 to 250 mm / min /
0.000004 to 10 in /min
100 kN / 22,480 lbf
Load Cells have Smart Connectors
To change simply replace with needed size and resume testing.
The software is configured to prevent wrong load cells from being used!
* Standard LD machines have 1070 mm (42 in) of travel.  The extended versions have 1669 mm (65.7 in).  
** Lower frames for Pogo Machines are custom made.  Please contact our office for more details.
Extended Travel and Pogo options are not available for the LD100.
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